Pleasant Valley Presbyterian Church    Blaine, Ohio


March 27, 2016

Church Resurrection

Pleasant Valley Presbyterian Church in Blaine is happy to announce that they will continue to offer regular and special services during an extended time of discernment of God’s vision for the future of the church. While some information was out in the community over the last few months that the church was closing, no official decision and process had been taken to close the church. Granted there had been talk about this several times in the last ten years. Yet the untiring energy of the church members for sustaining community outreach activities such as the Children’s Easter and Halloween parties, National Road and Soup and Sandwich sales would not let up. Recently, we have accepted that while we may not be able to continue many of the church/community outreach activities that had become traditions we remain passionate about seeing the church continue as a spiritual and historical beacon to the community. We all those with interest in or ties to the church and the Blaine community to visit and be raised up in this effort.


January 2, 2015

The Pleasant Valley Presbyterian Church has been an integral part of God’s ministry in the Blaine area for over 150 years. In addition to worship services, meals, get-togethers and children’s parties serving the local community have been an important part of this mission. For the past 10 years there has been consideration about the capacity of the people and finances of this church to continue to serve God through regular services and in the ways that have become treasured community traditions. Recently we have particularly been seeking guidance from God about this. Some outlets have posted information about the closing of our church. While this is being discussed no official action has been taken and the process of doing so would be in the purview of the denomination’s local agency, The Upper Ohio Valley Presbytery.

We know many people and families in this area have had a fond connection to Pleasant Valley Presbyterian Church. We welcome your input and support as we seek ways for this site to continue to be a beacon to the Blaine community.

Please feel welcome to attend our 9AM services and/or Jan 3 meeting or to contact us at